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Bought one this week at L.L. Cotes for $129 (I know, paid too much). I'm certain I could have picked it up for $110 if I had had the cash last week, but I only had $10 to put down on it (can't haggle the price if you put something on layaway) -_- The gun seems to be in excellent shape with a good bore and better than normal rimfire trigger :bthumb: The stock does have a dozen or so notches cut in it (hunting kills?) near the comb and a rather rough cut out on the left-hand side for a nice little Williams peep sight that is mounted on it; no factory rear sight, but the previous owner kept the factory front blade and put a dab of white paint on it (I'll probably re-do it in orange or red).

My best friend took it down and did some cleanup on the bolt, action and trigger assembly yesterday...she cleaned up good and I don't think it was ever fired very much. It even has the factory sticker on the underside of the forestock :D I put about fifteen CB Shorts through it two days ago, and it fed and fire them all without a hitch. The old style magazine works great, and the rifle has cycled all Short, Long, and LR loads I've tried in it. Might take it this afternoon and put some CB Longs through it. Seems to shoot four or five inches high with the CBs at about twelve yards and the peep sight is bottomed out; I may have to change out the front sight or maybe put a scope on it if I can't find a load that shoots to POA.

Anyways, I'm pretty happy with the gun so far. It is well built, easy to operate, and has an excellent magazine design (I only wish modern clips were as easy to use or as versatile). Based on the data on this forum (I love RFC! lol) and the serial number (18690996) this 25 was made in 1982. It also has (JM) marked into the left side of the barrel forward of the action. So, perhaps it was made in October of '82? The front sight is the same low riding blade found on modern Marlin rimfires, and it has a plastic trigger guard assembly; I'm rather surprised the gun isn't newer than it apparently is. I'll have to do some more testing and see how the gun functions at longer distances, but it looks like a good little 'un so far :t Sorry guys, no pictures at present...may have some later on though :rolleyes: :D

Kind Regards,

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