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New Dude to this Forum

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Hi, Guys & Gals;

For the past couple of years I have been lurking around every so often, and this past week decided to register. I have several 22's and with the price of ammo lately, got the group out of the safe and have been getting them cleaned up for a little R & R. I have been shooting Cowboy Action the past five years, and CAS is lots of fun. The 22RF's have taken a back seat so to speak. They are as we say in the Horse World, "Easy Keepers". And "Easy in & Easy out"

The 22RF's in the stable at this time are:

Remington 512, made in 1937. ( One year older than I am. ) This piece was given to me by a neighbor several years ago. I believe he bought it new and never cleaned it. There was 60 + years of gunk in the bolt & action.

Remington 581, made in 1982. Found this at a Gun Show and it is like new.

Ruger Single Six SS with dual cylinders. Bought this new.

Thompson Contender W/ 10" tapered octagon barrel, also have a 25" custom 22RF barrel with custom rifle stock.

Ciener 22RF conversion for my Browning HP/40 S&W.

Sometime next Month after I get the group cleaned-up, We will take a little trip
to the Elko, Nevada area. A very good Friend has invited me for a Week of Sage Rat shooting. The Rats invade the Farmers fields and are very distructive little varmits.

I am looking for a nice Remington Nylon 66 Lever Action, let me know if you find one in the $100.00 range.;)

Have a great Week-end, Y'all.
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Welcome to the forum........I'm not really into Remingtons, but I think your $100 price is a bit out of date.......If I am wrong, I apologize, but I would be interested in 3 or 4 at that price.....
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