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New Dan Wesson Coyote .22lr

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I saw it on American shooter but can't find anything on the net about it. Are they out yet?
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Yes, they are "out", and may even be discontinued already.... :(

They are a rehash of an "Armscore" rifle made in the Philippines a few years back..... :eek:

A few were reviewed here on RFC; all BAD....! ! :(

Do a SEARCH for "DW Coyote"..... ;)
Chief says : let me help.

Dan Wesson Coyote Rifle
Coyote Wesson Rifle Dan
Wesson Dan Rifle Coyote
Coyote Dan Wesson Rifle
Rifle Wesson Dan Coyote
Dan Coyote Rifle Wesson

No matter how you say it. I forgot what I was going to say?

Can you help me ? Is this KFC, oh ! I mean RFP. I am not
sure what I mean.
Can someone tell me where I can get a DAM LESSON or
I dont know what comes first. Give me a Dan Rifle and a
Coyote with Wesson oil to go !

Where am I . RFC , I cant eat here. lets go somewhere else,
Dan. o.k.

This is what you become , (a babbling idiot) when you buy
A coyote rifle DWA . and open the box . see ARMSCORE !

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You telling us there is actuallly a gun you don't like then?

:D :D :D

Cheesh....whooda thunk it?
Chief says : I never said "I didnt like it "

I just dont care for it. If you buy a STEAK sandwich , to go.

Get home and its A hamburger, what ya think.


Dan Wesson wants to put his name on a trash Armscore rifle

GOOD FER HIM ! no law says I cant sell the two I got.

Hear tell theres a gun in Oaklahoma (mad') that loves them.
Claims they are benchrest quality , o.k. fer 168.00
says hes got a 45x scope on one.
Brags of 5 " groups at 100 yds.
pretty good.
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WOW!! Last time I saw responses like that over a rifle it was a Hesse at AR15.com. Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was a new rifle.
Search for Dan Wesson Coyote

Do a Search for Dan Wesson Coyote , fair amount of discussion.
Hope this helps,
Before I posted I did a search on Dan Wesson and it came up no match found. Glad I found out before I had my dealer order one. Thanks!!
Apparently you didn't look hard enough William

If you had done a search for "coyote" and had gone to the bottom of the third page, you would have found this:


It will lead you to all you will ever want to know about the DW rifle. :(
When I saw the American Shooter promo I was very interested - nice looking gun with the respected Dan Wesson name on it. When I went to their website I got more excited since they were only a short distance from where I live (anything less than 50 miles is short). I called asking if I might drop in for a tour or to pick out a rifle. The response I got was that they were moving and were not giving any tours or entertaining any customers. It seemed a bit evasive. I spoke to a guy at my club who got the same response. About the same time I read the threads here on the old board and got a big time warning from Chief Dave and others about the horrible triggers, etc. Anyhow I eventually bought a CZ and didn't look back.

A gun with the same Armscor action and barrel is imported by Charles Daly.
SEARCH..... IT WORKS.......! !


I just did a SEARCH for "Dan Wesson" and came up with 19 'hits':

Dan Wesson

Better practice-up on your SEARCH techniques...... :eek:
I handled both a LR and WRM at the NRA convention a couple of years ago at the DW booth. The guy there assured me the WRM would shoot under 1/2 inch at 50yds. and said he had done it personally on a regular basis.

If it shoots that well I would be surprised, but it would have to be with a scope, because the "iron" sights were wobbly with the slightest touch. The gun just felt cheaply made, but then again it was a cheap price.

I was looking for a 22mag at the time and ended up getting a 9422, after the guys at the Marlin booth assured me they would not be making a 22mag lever gun in the forseeable future.

I am glad CD is out there to buy and try guns for our benefit.
Chief Dave I greatly appreciate your reports on guns.


OK tried DW again and this time I found lotsa info. I swear I typed it in correct before. I guess I am search challenged:p

Did you go back to the beginning and read my "saga of the Coyote Target rifle" from the gitgo?
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