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New Bullseye Trigger--WOW!

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Picked up my first Buckmark yesterday...haven't shot yet, but what a trigger. I was all ready to do any smoothing or adjusting I might need, but it's top drawer right out of the box! As good or better than my 1911 (Dan Wesson 10mm Razorback)trigger that was custom tuned.

I'm wondering if they pay extra attention to the more expensive pistols in the line. This came with the metal sight base and that trigger.

Can't wait to see how it shoots.
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Nope no Rugers

Unless you count my uncles SA revolver that I learned on when I was 8. The only .22 I've owned to date is a S&W K22--good littel pistol.

First time out today, shot groups unsupported at 25 feet that were all around 1 inch--some more ,some less. Had to have shot 8 different types of ammo. My only problems were 2 FTE's with Sellier & Bellot and 1 FTF with some 10yr. old Remington. The S&B gave the best group of the bunch (or I did my best shooting...time will tell).

Love this little pistol!
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