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Just couldn't resist showing off first effort for my granddaughter, came out better than hoped for (sorry for the poor photography, not one of my skills :( )
Started with used 10/22 gunshow derelict ($100),
Fajen Thumbhole Silhoutte in Coffee, reshaped a bit, Bing Cherry Oil stain, 5-6 coats of Tung Oil finish, glass-bedded with Acra-Gel.
Adams & Bennet fluted blue 18" barrel
Volq VC10HP Action Kit (trigger, hammer, sear, shims)
Gunsmither barrel block from Tom Stafford, boltstop
Power Custom base, B-square sport rings, cheap Simmons scope (to be soon replaced),
10 groups at 25 yards average just a hair over .25".
About 40 hours labor, and a great learning experience!!
Thanks to RFC sponsors and members for all the information, makes this great fun. Next is one for myself. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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