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New BMR: First time out

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Had it a few days now and got to take my steel barreled BMR out to play today. I love how handy it feels, although I need to get used to how light and small it feels when shooting. The action worked perfectly. No malfunctions (only 40 rounds though) fed and ejected well. Ejection has a real spring to it, I don't know how else to describe it but the brass clears the rifle with gusto. With my CZ 457 I need to pay attention to run the bolt back quickly.

With the trigger adjustment all the way light it is still a bit heavy, but there's no creep and it breaks beautifully. I'll get used to the weight for a bit before deciding on whether to do the trigger modification. I love the magazines and the release. They seat very easily and drop right out when the paddle is worked. The paddle is easy to find and employ.

I shot seven, five shot groups after finding my zero at 25 meters. They got tighter as I went along. I think it was more me getting used to the light rifle than anything else. I might have to increase the length of pull but will try it as is for awhile. There's a new scope on the way, and I'll add a pic rail under the fore end for a bipod.

Very happy with it after our first time out. I'll learn to shoot it better.


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