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New 981T

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I have been reading about the 981T and thought I would have Walley-World order me one. It came within five days, and I have been pleased with it. I have always liked "plastic" stocks, and because my first rifle was a 512P Remington, I am partial to tube feeds. I really don't like a magazine sticking out the bottom, waiting to get lost.

I read all the information about getting the trigger better. Odd that a new series 900 trigger needs to be fixed or replaced. I went the replace-it route. Got the Rifle Basix replacement from Midway for $71.00, shipped and rounded up for NRA. Took all of five minutes or so to put it in. Now have an approximately one-pound trigger with no creep. Mosquitoes chased me out of the woods, but I really do like the way that Marlin shoots. Wade
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"I really don't like a magazine sticking out the bottom, waiting to get lost."

The magazines are more subject to being lost, not the tube. That being said, my grandson once lost the tube of my Rossi. I eventually found it.

What I really don't like about the magazine sticking out, is destroying the looks, and getting in the way. That is about the only thing I really like about 10-22s. But that magazine makes the rifle to wide to carry as easily as tube-fed rifles. Wade
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