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New 17vs good and bad.

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Got my New 17VS today:D
Also got 20 Boxs of the extreamly hard to find food for it:D :D
(10 CCI/10 REM)
My plan was to mount a simmons4x12x40 I had laying around on it and go shooting.
The rings that come with it wont hold a 40mm scope:mad:
Worse part is cant find any rings here that will so Ill have to wait untill monday to order rings and wait for them to ship:(
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Any that will hold on the scope really (must fit that rail on the rifle.
I think I'm going to order the BKL rings. They are 0.75 tall should hold my scope just


The weaver tip offs that came with it where to short. they are about 3/8 in high

Any one need a set of weaver tip offs(silver) Pm me. we will work out something.

Coyote what part of spud land you in?
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You will love the BKL rings. I ordered the Burris signature zee airgun/rifle rings and they did not come in, back order. So I re-ordered the BKL rings.
Except I ordered this one:http://www.bkltech.com/products/prod_261.html

They work great. Course then I got my back order in. :( Figures. (Think maybe I need to order another Marlin so I will have someplace to put those rings). Like the wife would go for that.....

Live just north of Twin Falls out in the lava rocks. (Come to think of it, that is any where in Idaho) Am not going to put my year up and school. Think they tore down the school, and the year would break the dang computer. Know your school pretty well, my son is a coach in the Boise area. He competes with CHS alot.
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