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New 17 HMR Purchase

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I'm looking to buy a new rifle in the .17 caliber HMR.
I'm wondering what kind of accuracy you are getting "out of the box"? I have read all the reviews I can find and it seems that the lower and and mid-priced models all suffer from bad triggers (some of which are supposed to be an easy after market fix) - is this true?
My only concern is accuracy. I don't care what brand or type of rifle I buy.
So far (on-line) I 've found Savages listed at between $184.00 and $306.00
Rugers at $580.
Marlins at between about $250 and $300.
Remington 597 semi-auto's at???
Winchester lever actions at $501 and $536.
Anschutz between about $600 to $1000.
I'd like to hear from everyone who has an opinion on this topic. Thanks,
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