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New 10/22T, is a scope my only option?

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Just bought a 10/22T on an impulse buy. To go with my stainless steel MK II with laminated grips. I'm into highpower service rifle competition, which uses peep sights, so I'd like my 10/22 to have peeps too. I've been shopping around. But there's a problem all the peep kits, only have the front sight bead. But the 10/22t does not have come with sights so I don't have the part that the front sight blade would fit onto. What do I call the part that the front sight dovetail fits into, and where can I find it? How difficult would installation be? Thanks for the info.
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the only way i can see putting iron sights on a 10/22 t would not be easy and i dont know how well it would work. if you could machine a dovetail type arrangement into the barrel front, you could then fit a sight onto the front...or maybe drill and tap a hole for a screw in type of front sight....either way you would have to be very careful and have it proffesionally done...
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