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Need update on the 512 22 mag

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Just looking for feed back on the 512, I am in the market for a 22 mag semi. Remington or CZ. Any issues with FTF, ejection or jam/stove pipes.

Pros and cons

Remington 597
CZ 512

22 mag only
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Biggest complaint most have is the heavy trigger, accuracy wise mine is great, handling is very good and mine is as reliable as my Brno 611, 611's are known for their reliability. I really like mine.

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This will be a dumb question...I`m looking at a cz 512...Does CZ make 2 models a 22lr and a 22 mag? The reason I ask I`m interested in a 22 mag....If they have separate rifles is the 22 mag. more expensive? Thanks Jim

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I bought a 512mag last Nov and it saw hard use during the hunting and trapping season. Also gets carried around in a gun boot on an ATV and the tractor while doing chores, so it's not being babied. So far it's gone bang when it needed to and have not had any issues with it. Trigger could be better, but I can live with that.

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Do not have a 512 mag YET, but do have a 597 mag, hogue stock.

Very nice, as long as you have metal mags with it.

My carry gun in the swamps, and I do have the following semi auto 22 WMR's-

Ruger 10/22 Mag
H&K 300
Brno 611
Brno 611A
Marlin 922M
H&R 700
Remy 597 Mag

The 597 is a very solid piece, up there with the Marlin as a chunk o steel piece.
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