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Need Romy firing pin

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Does someone sell firing pins for the Romanian M69?

I need one for an otherwise complete Romy.
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Jake In TX said:
It may need fitting.

Jake in TX
Thanks Jake. That's the info i needed. I had done a search and found a couple places carrying them, but I have no way of knowing if they are crap or just don't fit.

Dave's Collectables has a shipping cost of $9 for a $13 item. :(
I was hoping to find one on eBay or through a RFC folk that could be shipped to me for a couple bucks.

I have to see if need any other stuff that Dave carries--maybe Rom. rings.

This is my second Rom 69. The first one was seriously bubbaized but this one is pristine, including a tool kit in the butt. In fact, I think the barrel is *new*. Also, It's finely corrugated (?) on the outside--my other Romy is smooth. It also has an odd purple-black finish.

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Field test, new Romanian.


Tnx, I found your list on another thread and used it to track down the pins I found.

Meanwhile, I switched the firing pin from my old Romy into my new one to test its functioning and accuracy.

I think this 1985 might be one of the "unissued" armory rehabed ones. The barrel appears new and when I tore down the trigger action to hose out the last of the goop, the parts were brand new and unworn (pretty crude polishing too.)

I polished everything up and reassembled--btw. it has no side to side play in the trigger parts.

The trigger pull is a crisp, smooth 5 lbs, with a very light first stage.

It shoots like a dream. 1/2" at 50 yards with Aguila Target ammo ($25 a brick). Seems to like standard velocity ammo. Shot well with Aguila sub sonic ($14 a brick)--which have nice hollow points. All this with a truly crappy Weaver C6 rimfire scope.

This is a much better rifle all around than my first bubbaized Romy.

Now, the questions for you experienced Romaniacs:
1. I've read everything on lightening the trigger pull on Romys and none of it applies to this one. I've cleaned and polished. The spring has no effect on the trigger pull. I'm guessing the whole ball game is the angle of the contact between the sear and the hammer hold-back nub.

That sound right? Any advice, tips before I start filing/stoning?

2. I want to keep this romy stock. But I do want to get that goddawful, yet bullet-proof, varnish off the stock. Like last my last Romy stock, it repeals nearly everything low impact: alcohol, acetone (a good soaking makes the finish a little sticky), lacquer thinner, MinWax furniture refinisher.

Has anybody found an easier way than multiple soakings in paint remover and a million scrubbings?

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Easy-off oven cleaner comes reccomended, though use gloves and watch out as it east pretty fast.

As for trigger adjustment, yes it's all about those two points that hit each other when you pull it.
My immediate advice is to watch out, as only a few file strokes will change things a lot, so check it often. Sadly, you've got tou put it together loosely again to check it, which is a pain, but it's worth it if you get it right.
If you grind off too much, braze on some more (find a friend with oxy-acet. torch or smaller mig welder maybe if you don't have anythign) and try again.

Basically, you're aiming to work on just the trigger part.
It travels a lot, so you want to either shoot for a smooth, light very LONG trigger pull that sneaks up on you, or if you take your time a lot you can get a two-stage pull, that breaks clean at the last second at a few pounds. Every 1/32" (or smaller) counts if you go this route, so be careful what you stone/sand/file down!

It's a lot of trial and error. Good luck.


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Thanks j.r.,

Yes, I found a used one on Ebay that I got with some trigger parts to save shipping.

But hang on to that pin until I see what the ebay one looks like.

*&%$#! I would have taken your offer, but I had already bid on the ebay firing pin.
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