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Need model info.

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I have a friend who wants a .17 HMR bolt action, and I've convinced him to buy an Anschutz because his budget can certainly afford it. I'd have gone this route if they had come out with the .17 HMR back before marriage and kids.......

He said the Anschutz website is not that great for showing the differences between models. He says he wants a top of the line model. I suggested I'd poll you guys for info here.

I suggested he get the Meistergrade? (upgraded wood) with the heavy barrel (that isn't quite a true heavy barrel by American standards).

Can you tell us what model number this is, and if it is on the 54 or 64 action? (Isn't the 54 is the better one of the two actions?) Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Lf
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Landis fan, Go to the Anschutz sight and at the top under downloads one of the selections is 'catalog'. Download the catalog (pdf file) and it will provide the information and pricing you are looking for.
He'll want the anschutz 1717. I don't have one personally but do have the same rifle in 22lr, 22 hornet, and 222 rem. To see better what he is buying I suggest calling champion shooters supply (www.championshooters.com) and tell them that you want a copy of the anschutz catalog that has the sporters in it. This catalog ( I just got one myself) will show pretty well what is available. The Anschutz site is good but some of the items shown there are not generally imported into the US.

Also, LF, you can still have one. It just takes a while. I am in the same boat I just either have to sell something else before buying, trade for stuff, or put a little money aside at a time. I eventually get there but it generally takes me 6 months or so.
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