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Need Lyman Super Targetspot advice

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First question: Does anyone know the proper way to loosen up the rings on a Lyman Super Targetspot for mounting on another rifle?

Second question: The objective bell feels a bit sticky and gritty. Can this be unscrewed so that I can clean and lube the threads? Suggestions on the best lube to use?

Thanks to everyone taking the time to share their experience! :p
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I have an STS 20x, and was going to replace the recoil spring, but after talking with Mr. Parsons on the phone, decided to let him do it. He will be able to tell you on the phone if there is any risk involved in removing the objective lens housing. Then again, I didn't see any risk in removing the eyepiece until I spoke with him. :1t

Here's his contact info, the information you get will prevent you from possibly damaging a great old scope.

PO Box 192
2213 Smith Road
Ross, OH 45061-0192
Phone: 513-867-0820
Fax: 513-867-8380
email: [email protected]
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Jay, thanks for the reference to Parson's. This is the same company that Lyman recommended since Lyman no longer services the STS. I am seriously thinking of just sending my scope to them and let them do a service job on it. They can install a recoil spring while it's there. I just don't want to damage this fine old scope.
Gil Parsons will do you right. He did a great job on mine. Don't be in a hurry.

Keeley said:
Gil Parsons will do you right. He did a great job on mine. Don't be in a hurry.

Thanks for referral, Tom. It's always good to hear from someone who has had personal experience. I'm shipping as soon as I finish packaging the scope. It unbelievable how hard it was to find a suitable box. I had to modify a box to fit!
Lyman Super Targetspot is at Parsons. Estimated turn around time is three to four months. I will be shooting iron sights until early next year. Thanks to all who responded!
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