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need lots of info...

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first of all i'd like to thank everyone on this site for all the helpful & generous info... secondly, i'm in the process of building my very first ultimate.... i got a revival yukon stock on it's way, and will be ordering a GM SS flutted bull barrel... now it's just a question of figuring out what length i'll be needing. i understand that 16" is for carry and i might even attain higher velocities with a 16"er (thanxs swampfox) and 20" is better on bench, but what about 18" ? is it an all-arounder? i will be doing a lil of everything... hunting,plinking and friendly competition...what are the chance's of encountering problems when come's the time to install my new stock/barrel, if any?
i'd also appreciate a lil help to be pointed in the right direction for the next "must do's" for an ultimate... NOTE:i already have a 2 1/4-2 1/2 pound trigger pull and decent scope... finally i'd like some info regarding free floting barrels and Bedding the action, it's pupose and all of it's advantage's ....

thanxs again everyone,
luv this site,
Goose25 :confused:
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18" fluted is great imo for an all arond rifle. mine is not fluted but is 18" and a great barrel and great shooter...

i would buy a vq magazine release, vq auto bolt release, and more factory mags. http://www.hawktecharms.com/ here you can find those and other great product for cheap and free shipping!

barrel and stock removal is so simple a kid could do it. take off stock by taking out the screw on the bottom of the stock and then take off the barrel band. the barrel and action will come out. look at the action where the barrel is connected, you will see two hex head screws. take them out and wiggle out the barrel. then put in new barrel put barrel screws back in put on new stock put in barrel screw... your done!

here is a link that explains complete disassemble.

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i was just wondering if i might encounter "fitting" problems, wasn't too worried about the disassembling/assembling part quite yet.... sorry, i also forgot to mention i already have 3 BC (25 round)steel lips clips....what exactly will the "vq auto bolt release" do? and should i be thinking about getting a Bolt Buffer ?


nice lookin' rifle 'dare!
sorry foegot the bolt buffer...yes get one! weapon kraft makes the best as rfc opinion goes. the auto bolt release lets you pull back slightly then release for the action to shut. i didnt think i would get one because i could operate it satisfacory stock but after taking it once hunting i bought one. fitting shouldnt be a problem. just wiggle it in there. there are no threads or anything just a slip in. sometimes the fit is too tight so freeze the gun and barrel and it should slide rigt out or in is you have problems.
There isn't anything wrong with the 18"ers. If you find a good deal go for it. The 16" is just a little bit lighter and a tiny bit faster velocity wise. Not worth spending extra money on.

Personally I'd save some money on the auto bolt release and magazine release. You can easily make both of them for nothing. Check out the tips and tricks forum. It takes all of 10 minutes to make an auto bolt release using a dremmel. About the same for the magazine release.

All those little parts add up fast. Before you know it you'll have $700 in a .22lr. IF you ever decide to sell, it's very hard to get your money back out of these little boogers. Save where you can. Spend when you must.

Buy a Weaponskraft bolt buffer. You don't need the takedown screw, although it is nice to have.

it's coming along...

My project is finally coming along,so far this is how my rig is gonna be set up.... I'd appreciate a 'lil input..... I'll be posting pics asap...

revivals yukon electric blue stock
GM SS flutted 18" bull barrel
VCL Target Hammer
VCL Auto Bolt Release
VCL Extended Magazine Release
VCL Hex Head Take Down Action Screw
WK Bolt Buffer
Bushnells 3-9 x 32mm

I was originally gonna go with a 16" barrel , but unfortunatly it aint as easy as some may believe to have parts sent to "Banada"... and as for the scope goes, i know it aint top notch... but will it do???? not bad for my first ultimate (they'll be others... muahahahahaha)... and first rifle!!!

I'm i missing anything :confused:
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goose, ya may wanna consider sending your bolt to randy. also, ya may wanna get a brick of hi-vel ammo for the break-in period. my stocker loves federal am eagle 38 gr h.p.'s.

have fun shooting that new gun. sounds like ya put together a shooter. target pics when ya can, plz.

same as goose

Hey Goose,
How can you read my mind? :eek: That is almost the identical project I have in my head. Gonna be a sweet looking gun!
My current "ultimate"

10/22T Trigger group.
T model stock
GM smooth 20" Bull
WK buffer
VQ extractor
VQ auto bolt rel.
VQ Mag rel.
Stock base
Walmart Leu. rings
Bushnell .22 4-32
4 stock mags!

Also got a WW special "SS" action wanting a home. Home will be a revival blue yukon ;) :t
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same as goose and AFshooter.


18" SS GM barrel
Left Handed Electric Blue Yukon :t
VQ Hammer
VQ Mag Release
VQ Extractor
VQ Buffer
VQ Target Trigger

trying to copy me?? :p :D that is probably the most common custom 10/22 build recipe ever.

i ordered my yukon and they said 2-3 weeks. its been about a week, and im freaking out. i cant wait.....
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randy's bolt work

Ricochet, what will randy do exactly to the bolt, and what is the purpose??? I'm sure it's been asked before but couldn't find it...
i'm also reading on an other tread about hyper velocity ammo.... can i use HV ammo with my set up...(with the exception of CCI stingers)???
you can use any standard case length ammo. stingers and quik-shock are the only ones that i know of that have to longer cases.

i recommend Velocitors!!

randy will headspace, ( grind down the face of the bolt to match specs ), pin the firing pin which will help eliminate flyers, chamfer the back side of the bolt and will put some pretty jewelling on the exposed face (if you want it ) all for $50.00. had mine done and it works and looks great. a lot of guys here have this done. i even use mine in my 17HM2 conversion.

Am I the only one who noticed the blood trial in mwm's pic?

Did you shoot yourself in the foot before you took that pic??? :D
missing part

IMO, put an aftermarket extractor in it as well, money well spent. Just my .02

gunnitz said:
IMO, put an aftermarket extractor in it as well, money well spent. Just my .02
.... if i get randy to do a bolt job, will he install an aftermarket extractor??? ...

(as quoted from his site) "CPC does bolt rework using customer provided aftermarket extractor and/or firing pin - but I do not recommend the buying of either."

... so what is he saying??? does he want to install a new aftermarket extractor or is he planning to modify the factory one??? i ain't following him here!!! hahahaha :confused:
He will modify the factory extractor. Randy claims that an aftermarket extractor in unnecessary after he reworks the original; however, Most people still recommend installing a VQ extractor. It just works better, for most people. Buy one and send it along with your bolt and randy will install it instead of reworking your original extractor.

Goose25, wow, that item you quoted was removed from RFC ad months ago... (I now recommend purchasing a aftermarket firing pin for the 10/22 Magnum bolt only)... All aftermarket extractors that show up get a modified lead entry ground on hook, translation = sharp corner on hook entry side is modified/rounded for easier case entry into rim recess... Ruger extractors have proper entry but I polish them alittle also...
Markbo said:
Am I the only one who noticed the blood trial in mwm's pic?

Did you shoot yourself in the foot before you took that pic??? :D
not my foot...i told her when i am hunting or talking about it leave me alone or...LOL!
Now that's one!

mwm0816 said:
not my foot...i told her when i am hunting or talking about it leave me alone or...LOL!
Markbo-you weren't the only one that noticed it...just the only one that mentioned it...see above?
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