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I have an Anschutz model54 match action that I want a stock made for. The barrel has a date on the left side and it is 74. Is this the older 54 action? The safety has the blade(wingtype)-moves right to left. I have tried to talk to the good folks at Richard's Microfit about makeing this stock even sent photes several months ago but never heard back from them. I have called several times but I can get no satisfactionas to weather or not they can make the stock. IF the information I have given is correct I have the older 54 action and according Richard's Micro fit webb sight theycan make the stock. If any of you know where I could get a stock made for this action with out the hassel please let me know. Mudd Turtle.
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HUNTING (Includes: standard benchrest and silhouette stocks)

FULL INLET (action & barrel inlet, includes molded-in color) 347.00

CUSTOM DROP-IN (with Presentation Pad) 393.00

CUSTOM DROP-IN (with Decelerator Pad) 413.00
(Custom Drop-in is completely finished and includes: full inlet, pad, 2-studs, paint or molded-in camo or marble colros)

COMPLETE INSTALLATION (with Presentation Pad) 642.00

COMPLETE INSTALLATION (with Decelerator Pad) 662.00
(Includes: full inlet, pad, studs, paint or molded-in camo or marble & glass bedding with aluminum pillars)
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