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Need info on some no-frills, working bolt actions

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Savage Mk II-G Owners (need info!)

Hey yall. I am thinking about buying a bolt action .22, and need some help. I love the looks and lines of the Mark-II G, but how good is it? I really dont deal with magazine guns all that much, and hate to reload em, but I figure you buy enough mags and you'd be good. Aslo, I'm only looking for open-sighted bolt-actions, I just dont care or have the need for scopes. So, just a plain-jane no frill working gun is what is needed here. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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Mine is a 93FSS in .22WSM, not the rifle you're talking about, but..... I gotta tell ya, I'm really quite happy with it - after a bit of trigger work and bending the bracket for the clip so it would feed properly. (See the "shim" sticky above.) Also keep in mind that I tinker with any firearm I buy! :rolleyes: This is the first Savage product I've ever owned in something like 30 years of hunting and playing around with firearms. I could have spent twice as much for a Ruger 77/22 and not gotten anything more practical for carrying around, accurate or pleasant to shoot.

My only real complaint was that it wasn't drilled and tapped so I could mount weaver-style bases; I like the security they offer over the smaller clamp-style. I bought a good set of Millet rings and clamped them down using blue Loc-tite.

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