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Need info on Savage 23AA bolt gun

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I found an old Savage 23AA .22 bolt gun in VERY good condition today. Blueing and wood was in very nice shape with very little wear. Noticed that the bolt slid very smoothly, back and forth, and that there was almost NO "loosy-goosyness" to the action at all. Felt like everything was machined to one heck of a nice "fit" on that action. They want $185 for it. My blue book seems to indicate about $220-$275 for it, if in excellent or better shape. My book indicates that the 23AA is an "improved" version of the 23A, and had a "speed-lock" action, whatever that is, and that it has the upgraded "checkering" and sling swivels, lacking on the standard 23A. Made from around 1933 to 1942, according to what I was able to find.

Was this a somewhat "deluxe" .22 bolt for Savage from this era?

How does this model shoot?

Seems to me like the "value" for this model 23AA might indicate that the quality on this 1930's to early 1940's gun, might be MUCH better than some of the later Savage examples.

Would love to hear from anyone who has one or had one!!!
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I think its a pretty good deal.Check the magazine to see if it's original or aftermarket.The original one has a knurled handle on the bottom and has Savage stamped on it.The aftermarket has no markings.The original magazine sells from anywhere from $45.00-$85.00 + depending who is selling it.The aftermarket sells for less than $35.00.If it comes with the original I would jump on it.If it has the aftermarket,I would haggle a bit.These are very good shooting rifles.

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From an old Stoeger catalogue (not dated but probably from right after WWII).

A Model 19 target was $33.40 with 19-M $41.75.
A model 23AA was $27.75.
A model 3 was $6.25 and model 4 was $12.25.

Helps explain why the 19 and 23 are such good shooters - they were high end, expensive guns compared to the standard #3 and 4.

My 23AA is one of my favorite open sighted, offhand guns for shooting.

Search here for 23AA, lots of info and posts.
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