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Snakeman, you are the only one I know (so far) who has this same problem as I do.

The problem is in the magazine release "tab" assembly which, when you field strip the gun, you can see is absolutely poorly designed.

I've taken mine twice to a Remington authorized gunsmith for repair. After he fixed it the second time he said he'd submit a report to Remington on the problem. Don't know if he ever did, though.

In the meantime he told me to try not to ever turn the gun upside down. If you study how the thing works, you can understand that advice is valid.

Bottom line is that this gun is a well conceived design with a few minor problems that could cost Remington a ton of sales, and many unhappy customers.

I would suggest you complain to Remington, and keep sending the gun back until they get it right.

Funny enough, I don't suffer from any other problems, and it is a really nice shooting and well balanced plinking rifle.

You may not be as patient as I am about this. But I wanted to let you know you are not alone with the problem.

Frankly, I'm really surprised I've not read anywhere of someone else having this problem before you.

I've concluded that semi auto .22 rifles are not such a good idea. Humph!
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