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Need help in trying to scope a new Winchester 52 B repro

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I have this model 52 for close to 20 years and have never shot it. I now wish to turn it into a 95% target gun, 5%hunting. Looking to shoot everywhere between 25-30 yards and long range & silhouette. Mostly 50 & 100 bench to see how far she will go. Bought a Hawke 6-24x56 30 SF thinking she would go on it but after looking it over it looks like it may not work, but if it does will need a serious cheek rest pad. I know the bolt handle issue is a problem on these but once I started the process I had no idea of just how frustrating
it was going to be. If..... if the scope doesn't work out on this gun it's really no big deal as I wish to get another high end .22 for strictly target and most of them come with the 60% handle. I am looking to mount a tactical variable scope with as much magnification as I can get (26-36) with focus & parallax down to the 25-30 yard range if possible and all the other bells and whistles (return to zero, locking, (lite reticle if option) if possible, great glass) I would say $1000 would be my limit.

The Hawke in the picture has a 30mm tube and front 56mm objective which clears the barrel by about a 1/4" with the burris bases and 8 glued pennies atop... but the bolt handle is VERY close and tough to see if she'll actually clear the bolt to use. SK was going to make the split bases and rings for this gun but when I sent him the pic she stated "won't work, get a different scope". Actually this setup "might" clear as is and I would just have to use a cheek rest pad as she is high but not sure if having like this is a realistic look/approach. (opinions pls) Just for reference the 8 glued pennies are .450 in hight. Owner at SK told me to do the penny trick and let him know as he can determine height by # of pennies. If I did go with SK then I would have to remove the burris bases. If things work out would SK be a good option for bases & rings or just stick with burris and ??
So, I'm not really sure what to do. Since this Hawke has a 30mm tube does that mean I must switch back to a 1" tube as I would assume it would have a smaller ocular lense which is really where the problem arises. Do they make other high magnification scopes with 30mm tubes like above that have a smaller ocular lense ? Granted the 56mm objective on current scope is big but she clears by 1/4 but if I had to downsize that end of the scope to get things to fit I would.

I just don't know who how much of a scope I can put on her to get her to clear the bolt handle and barrel.

If setting this scope up this high (like in pic) works should I go with it or does it look out of place ? It's really just the rubber ring on the ocular end of the scope that is close, not the tube. If it weren't for those rubber turning knobs the scope tube would clear easily and could be dropped down somewhat.

(lastest picture) I JUST MOVED THE SCOPE AS FAR FORWARD AS I THOUGHT THE RINGS WOULD ALLOW AND MAYBE THE BOLT HANDLE WILL CLEAR THE RUBBER KNOBS AND POSSIBLY ALLOW THE SCOPE TO DROP A SMALL BIT. Would anyone happen to know what rings (heigh) might work for the burris bases I have. I would like to get and assemble to see if my problem is not longer a problem.

Does anyone have any specific scopes they feel might better help the above problem. Would love to put a scope on her with the specs like the one I have ..... I just don't know
if it's possible.

I sure hope someone can help me.
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I would say the only strike against that scope might be the minimum parallax-free distance. I'm guessing it is only 50 yards. Now, if you really are going to be always shooting beyond that distance, it's not an issue. Also, even if the minimum is 50 yards, it will no doubt focus closer up on the lower power settings and probably show little or no parallax. Still, if you're going to buy a scope, you should get exactly what you want. Finally, I assume you have taken this into account, but the centerline on a 1" scope will sit lower on the rifle, all else equal, though the rings may compensate for that.
That scope comes in an EFR version which should help the distance/focus issue and comes with the target knobs but they are not cheap. There’s several up on eBay, but I’m sure they could be found cheaper elsewhere.
Short answer after a long discussion, get a different scope, those are sporting rifles, I love mine, a little more to pack,than say a Kimber 82, but a fine rifle. Mine wears a Leupold 3x9x33 AO on burris bases, works pretty good but not perfect, I also use a off set front ring make it work. Sage has the solution, Leupold bases, a little hard to locate, but those and a little slimmer scope and you'll be on your way. Good luck, Best Always, Tim.
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Short answer after a long discussion, get a different scope, those are sporting rifles, I love mine, a little more to pack,than say a Kimber 82, but a fine rifle. Mine wears a Leupold 3x9x33 AO on burris bases, works pretty good but not perfect, I also use a off set front ring make it work. Sage has the solution, Leupold bases, a little hard to locate, but those and a little slimmer scope and you'll be on your way. Good luck, Best Always, Tim.
Your stating to go with Leupold bases......because .... they sit higher ?? Do you have a part number I can use to try to locate a set ? Does Leupold only make one base that fits my 52B Winchester? If anyone on this site knows where I can get a set please advise. As stated before a few posts back, a friend has a Leupold 6.5x20x50 and he measured his ocular and its 1.65 so that is smaller than my Hawke at 1.9 and just might solve my problem. I am unfamiliar with off set rings..... what do they accomplish ? So sounds like I'm looking for a Leupold scope with leupold bases. I will happy when I'm done with this task as Im ready to begin shooing her. Match Ammo suggestions will be my next question..... I will purse the bases and scope and keep everyone posted. Thanks
It might be difficult to find the bases as Leupold only makes a run of them occasionally when there is demand but if you look you may come across a set. Burris also makes them and they are sometimes a bit easier to find. If you could find some extra tall Talleys that fit your action that may be an answer.
As far as scopes- for looks and most hunting with these rifles it is hard to beat the gloss 3-9 x 33 EFR or Rimfire scopes from Leupold for looks. If you need more reach check out the 4-12 x 40 and 6-18 x 40 as they aren't as large as the 6.5 -20 scopes . And since Leupold stopped making the gloss scopes they have climbed into stupid pricing if you can find one . For a scope that isn't overly long but I believe only comes in matte finish try the Athlon scopes and the SWFA SS series scopes. I have an Athlon 2-12 and it is a very good scope, excellent adjustments, great reticle for long range shooting, and very trim for the size of variable range . Same with the SWFA SS 5-15 scope IMO...
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Here you go- two sets of the Burris bases available on ebay-

FWIW I would look for the Leupold bases, they are much cleaner looking, and work better all around, where to find them I don't know, maybe Sage could point us in a direction, part number maybe? I'm ready to up grade, As Always good luck, Tim.
I ran a 34mm tube scope on my 52 a couple of years ago in the NRL matches. Here is a photo of my Athalon Midas Tac with 56 mm objective. I purchased two Leupold bases, being SKU 116550, that are listed for a model 70 and used the double dove tail 34 mm Leupold rings.
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I had a problem obtaining two of these 116550 bases, as I purchased a set of Leupold bases that contained two different bases, and upon contacting Leupold, they sent the second base so I could mount the scope. You may try contacting Leupold directly to see if they will sell you the two bases you need. I love the look and function of these bases, clean looking and the double dove tail is a fantastic base to ring design. I would suggest you read this thread from two years ago: (3) Winch 52 Re-Issue Scope Mount | Rimfire Central Firearm Forum
Here you go- two sets of the Burris bases available on ebay-

BobSc....... Thanks for locating Burris bases but these ARE THE ONES CURRENTLY ON MY GUN. Have box, same part #. I just don't know if a set of Leupold with be any taller to fix my problem.
Excellent post and link littlecooner. The OP has been gifted with some excellent information which should solve his issue.
It’s a long shot, but the hole spacing on the repros is the same as the original 52E. Increasing the search parameters may produce an old set of bases. Also, as mentioned, some Talley bases with extra high Talley rings might be your ticket.
Well, I didn't want to install the front Burris ring as once "cammed" in it can't be retuned as it would have a very slight mar from install...... but I said, what the hell.... as I wanted to get as accurate a true clearance on both front and rear as we can which meant I had to install the front ring. So, the pic is with both front and rear rings installed and torqued. Back Burris nylon insert is the +10 to raise the back and the front is the -10 to lower the front which would give me the most bolt clearance possible. With this setup the bolt DID close from open position but won't reopen, prolly because of the shape of the rubber ring on ocular. So...... I am THAT close. Am I allowed to say "Son of a _itch" on this site ???? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand gernades. So, my next approach is to read cover to cover that blog that Littlecooner recomended.......and possibly call Talley to see what they have to offer. If I have to buy another scope I will but must make sure I pursue all options on this one. They don't give away those Leupold Vari-x III LRT 6.5-20x50mm. I just sent same pic to SK rings/mounts and they came back with "same hole spacing front to back and what height you want". I can only assume that both Talley and SK can make what I need (I think) ?

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I just called Leupold to see if they could help. I gave them the part number Littlecooner listed of 116550 and Leupold advised that that part number was just for a front base for a Winchester model 70. He said he shouldn't tell me but in his notes he said someone stated they shimmed such base to resolve the problem "but don't try it". After 15 minutes he and his crew said they had nothing to help me and to try weaver. I thanked him for his time.
There's no doubt you can get there with Weaver-style bases and rings. Take the opportunity now to get precise measurements (top of receiver to bottom of scope) while it's mounted on there. That should allow you to size the Weaver-style bits.

FWIW, all of the Talley rings use a 3/8" dovetail, not just those denoted as rimfire rings. The rings used for "cwenterfire" applications have a flared, wider base, fore and aft, some with levers, but they will work.

P.S. One advantage of the S&Ks is they will be a truly gloss finish and match the repro. The Talley "gloss" option isn't a very good gloss, frankly.
Teddy..... regarding your post "theres no doubt you can get there with Weaver-style bases and rings"..... how can you be so sure ? I currently have what I consider pretty high Burris bases, actually labels for a 52, and Burris ext tall rings which has gotten me stupid close. So you feel a Weaver combo will cure the problem ? Can you recommend any part #'s for bases and rings I should pursue?
That's based upon the fact bases are every where, and rings are available in freakishly tall figurations, some much taller than what you are now using. Keep in mind I never said they would look good...in fact, I think I warned they would not.
For Weaver bases, it looks like you need two 48085 bases:

These are just a few tall rings from Amazon. You'll need to look at specs to fine tune which will be the closest fit.:
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Some are even adjustable:
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I would just get two of these. The Browning is the same as the Winchester, both Miroku rifles:
Given the height of these, they will no doubt get you shooting:
On the other hand, the adjustable ones would allow tuning, and they are just as ugly:
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Another less ugly option, if you decide to go with a 1" Leupold scope, is using the standard Weaver 48085 bases and these Weaver rings. They are pretty massive, all-steel rings, but there is no doubt they will clear your bolt handle with a Leupold in place. I'll give them to you if you send me a few bucks for postage:
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Okay, here's your magic number. IF you go with a 1" Leupold with the standard 1.56" diameter ocular, the bases and rings must place the bottom of the scope tube (the 1" portion) at least .655" above the top of the receiver for the bolt handle to clear the ocular. Just a few thousandths less, and it will touch.
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