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hey there guys, i need your help please. I'm having a garage sale this weekend and im putting some gun stuff out. one item thats going out is a:

Marlin 880SQ with match chamber, some scratches on the barrel that have been reblued, otherwise, the crown is in great shape and the rest of the gun is good to go. Also comes with 7 clips/mags I lightened the trigger myself, works great. It also comes with a harris medium height bipod, tasco 6-24 X 44mm AO varmint scope with two sun shades & BC flip open covers, mounted in millet high rings. Along with it goes 990 rounds of winchester T22 LR with which the gun is sighted in at at 50 yards. The rifle is a great shooter, its just that i need the $$$ to finish my 1022 & buy a huge amount of ammo.

Could someone please suggest a good price for the package deal? I dont want to get hosed, i also dont want to price it like it was made of gold. Thanks!!! - Eric
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