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I've got a PC base and medium Burris Signature Zee Rings with a .920 barrel. Topping that is a 40 mm Leupold scope, and I have approximately .25" of clearance between the scope and barrel. The objective end of my scope has a 2.0" diameter, or 50.8 mm (51 mm for all practical purposes). The radius of that objective would then be 25.5 mm. If you add the .25" of clearance (6 mm) to that radius you could accomodate a scope with a radius of 31.5 mm, but that would just touch the barrel. The scope you talk about has a 56 mm diameter (radius of 28 mm), so with medium Burris Signature Zee rings you should have about 3.5 mm of clearance between the barrel and scope. So the mediums will indeed work with that setup.

Here's a thread with my rifle so you can see how my setup looks:

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