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Ring Height


According to my 2003 "Burris" catalog, the Fullfield II 4.5-14X 42mm AO scope has an objective bell diameter of 56mm...! !

Burris Scope Specifications [PDF]

I would suspect that you will have to go with the "High" Signature Zee rings over the PC base....! ! :)

I have the "Simmons" WTC18 [6.5-20X 50mm AO (63mm OD)] mounted over a TO-9 base [~ .125"] using "Weaver" EXTRA High DTM rings [.560"].

Perhaps someone here as mounted a similar AO diameter scope [56mm OD, not 42mm lens], and can tell you the correct height needed....? ? :confused:

"Midway" has a 'Ring Height Comparison' in their Technical Applications section, where you can get actual ring heights. The Power Custom base is .350" tall // The Volquartsen is just over .5" tall.

"Burris" Signature 'Weaver Style' 1" Medium: .270" (Zee)
"Burris" Signature 'Weaver Style' 1" High: .420" (Zee)
[Measurements are in inches from top of base to bottom of scope tube.]


Hope this helps some.....! ! :)
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