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dopinwind said:
Thanks for the advise. I looked on CMP and they still have the rifles for $225. This may be the way I go. I am looking for a gun that will shoots .5 groups at 50 yards. Will yours do that??? I am not familiar will the matches so I don't know what the score of 244 means. I want the gun to compete with myself. Most guns I have shot and own shoot better than I can shoot them, but I just want to know that the gun will drive tacks in the proper hands.
A thoughtfully modified 10/22 with good ammo will consistently shoot into 1/2" at 50 yds. (At least mine will) But that is not especially accurate in the BR world! You'll want more like 1/4" and groups like that, CONSISTENTLY, don't happen very often with a 10/22....(regardless of what you might hear from the "keyboard shooters". ;) ) A good 10/22 will shoot 230's or slightly better, and is a lot of fun! I "feel yore pain" though, a full tilt BR rifle would be wonderful to own!!! :yippee:


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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