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Need advice

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I ordered a new extractor for my 10/22 and was hoping someone could point me towards directions for installing it? I am pretty good with a punch and hammer, but would like to see some step by step instructions.
Thanks Guys.
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With bolt in hand take a small screwdriver and pull the extractor plunger back and then you can pull the extractor. Be careful because parts can go flying...you may want to do it in a large plastic bag.

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When I do mine I clamp a needle nose Vise Grip to the extraxtor and just slide the plunger/spring back a little with a tiny screw driver and just lift the extractor out. let plunger and spring out slowly. I put it back together the same way, no flying parts. Really easy too do. Assemble the same way.

Alot of crud and dirt get in the spring hole and extractor hole so take the time to clean out both very well. Nothing to it! :t :t
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