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need Advice (newbie here)

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Hello all , Iam wanting to build a 10/22 lr , i want to invest around $600.00 in this rifle.Iam also looking at magnum research acculite cf barrel with the houge stock for $599.00 from there site , w/o trigger upgrade.what is the life of CF barrels, Can yall help me out with a good combo with a stock and barrel that will be a shooter , thanks
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Well, what do you mean by shooter.

Suhl or Trubo, or 1" at 50 yards? The concesus is that VQ carbon fiber bbls are the best bang for the buck.

$600 is a lot considering a houge stock is only about $60.

I would suggest a McMillan or B&C Odyssey stock, GM or Lilja bbl and do some tips and tricks from this website or spring for a KIDD trigger.

Others will be a long to give more sound, complete, sane advice;)
I have a Clark fluted barrel, a Fajen stock and a Power Custom trigger kit on the Ruger I use most often when shooting paper. Sub 1" groups of ten is a common occurrence @ 50 yards. You are going to get a lot of different opinions on what barrel, stock, trigger and ammo.
600 bucks for stock and barrel? I have about 220 in mine, now of course I got a deal on the barrel and it isn't carbon fiber. But I'm sure you can do better and still have money left over for other modifacations. Out of curiousity are you looking to build a hunting type rifle or a target gun?

Dave Z.
I might be reading your post incorrectly but it appears that you want to put $600.00 into the gun total. Since your barrel and stock combo are soaking up all of that you have "w/o trigger upgrade".

The Magnum Research barrel is of good quality, although the Volquartsen might be a little more accurate. Spending all $600.00 of your budget on the stock and barrel might not give you the most bang for your buck. If I were in your position I might look at buying the barrel seperately (from either MR or VQ) and then shopping around for the stock. Richard's Microfit would sell you a nice laminate stock for a price that would leave you quite a bit of money left over for a VQ hammer, etc.

Regardless, I would definitely budget some money for trigger work. Whether it is $30 for a VQ hammer, $100 for a gunsmith job, or $300 for a KID.
$600 rifle

1-1022 $159.00 from wallyworld
1-boyds blaster ~$125.00 from boyds
1-gm 16.5"blue barrel ~$89.00 from WMBS
1-VQ hammer $32.00 from hawktech
1-VQ extracter $10.00 from hawktech
1-weaver base $5.00 from midway
1-millet rings $22.00 from midway
1-simmons WTC scope $99.00 from CDNN
1-bolt buffer $6.00 from weaponcraft
1-action screw ~$5.00 from weaponcraft
then the tips learned on this forum for the auto bolt release,extended mag release etc.
will give you a good shooting,nice looking rifle for ~$552.00 plus shipping.
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