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Napier .177 caliber Power Pellets

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I've had a tin of the Napier Power Pellets in .177 for a little while, but kinda forgot about them. After responding to one of the posts this morning I got to thinking about them and decided to do a quick, impromtu (sp?) test with them.

Out came the RM-377 break-barrel. Six shots later, I exchanged it for a Gamo Shadow and five shots later I went to the "accuracy queen" my CZ631. To end the study, I collected the Crosman 760 Z (newer one I have) and proceeded to unleash on the target. Each shot was pumped 10 pumps. Unfortunately, it turned into a 4-shot group as one pellet stuck in the barrel.

Here is the target

Edit : Forgot to add, target was at 10yds, indoor basement range.