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mystery piece on scope mount

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This has probably been answered before. I am a fairly new P-22 owner and just acquired a scope mount (in pieces). One piece is a rectangular hunk about a half inch square which fits under one end of the piece where the scope mounts clamp on. It is held in place with a tiny phillips screw with lots of threads.

Pictures I see of the mount do not show this, and the illustration of parts that came with the mount does not show it either. It serves no obvious purpose, but it must have some use. I'm sure I'll feel dumb :confused: when someone explains it to me.

I have mounted an edot 1 inch scope which looks nice. To the range tomorrow for zeroing. CB
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It's just a leg that attaches to the rear of the rail and supports it against the slide should it be pressed down at the rear for some reason. I didn't bother to install it. The whole thing still overpowers the pistol and looks ugly but it works fine. You have to remove this contraption to remove the slide and I don't like that. That's why I'm working on a small, lightweight red-dot that will mount directly to the slide. ;) 1911M
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