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Que-I've seen and owned a number of 60A's and have never seen what is referred to as the 60A "Sporter" with the Lyman 55W receiver sight which was standard on the 60A Target. (I do happen to have one of those) It is listed as an optional rear sight for your variation in `Stroebel's "Old Gunsights" book so it's absolutely proper. He does not list the Lyman 17 or 17A globe front as an option, one of which (hard to tell which one from the pics) is on your rifle. The standard front is the very common- and often used by Winchester-75C and the optional front is listed as the Lyman #3 gold bead front. However, one of my Model 57's has the earlier and smaller Lyman 17 Globe on the front and-whereas it's not listed as an option-I'd bet the rifle that it's original from the factory. If it's the later 17A on your rifle you can tap it out and see if it's marked "HI" on the bottom (might even be on the side, but I doubt it) which is the application code for the Model 60, among others. Either way, you've scored on another Win. bolt action .22 (like your 69A Junior Target) with relatively rare attributes. Nice little gun. -Asa
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