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I know this will be and will not be the ultimate for some, but I finally got out to shoot my new VLEH.

This was taken out of the box and nothing done to it other then adding a scope. The scope is a Nikon 6725. I wanted to shoot it without doing anything to the rifle and get a feel for the rifle. I was shooting Federal bulk ammo for today. I did all my shooting today from the bench due to a recent knee surgery.

The rifle balances well for me with the bipod on. The compact size is nice. The Hogue stock feels good, but I do seem to have a issue with inserting mags. It seems that I hit the stock with the mag and the mag will not slide along the stock like it will with other synthetic stocks. The trigger is the best factory trigger I have ever felt in a 10/22. I had planned on working the trigger, but this one breaks so clean that I most likely will leave it alone. It feels a little heavy, but nothing that I could not live with. I do believe that I make the fit and finish a little better on some of the parts. I am not 100% happy with the way the barrel fits the stock.

Anyways I loaded up some mags and did all my shooting from 30 yards. The scope was crystal clear and it is by far the nicest scope I have ever put on a 22. I only shot from 30yrs so I did not get to use the full functions of the scope today. It only took 10 rounds to get the rifle sighted in. I just focused on getting rounds down range at first and did not worry about grouping. After 50 rounds I decided to shoot some groups. The rifle was shooting far better then I was. I could not get comfortable behind the bench. I was shooting 1" groups and I know the rifle can do much better with the fenderal ammo. I am thinking that this rifle will shoot 1/4" groups at 30yrs with the federal at this distance. I believe it will do much better then that at distance with better ammo.

I am really impressed with this rifle and will be doing only a small amount of work to it. I am thinking that I will send the bolt out to have the firing pin, pinned. A bolt buffer will be installed. I am not sure if I will try to pin the trigger group to the receiver or not. Also I am not sure if I will bed it or not. I know that I will work the stock a little to make sure the fitment to the barrel is better.
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