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My ultimate 10/22, What ya think??

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I just ordered a Volquartsen Stainless Steel receiver, Volquartsen Triggerguard 2000, Volquartsen 20" Stainless Steel fluted and ported barrel, Volquartsen bolt, Millet Rings, and a Bell and Carlson Odyssey Stock. I will top it off with a 6.5X20 EFR Leupold scope. Everything is ordered I hope that it will be here by Friday. Anything else I missed that I need or should do different? I know that there are cheaper parts out there, but I figure go with Volquartsen and have the best. Price is not a real concern on this gun since it will see competition regularly. Our gun club has started a semi-auto class for 22's since everyone is starting to get tired of the bolt action class, its at a stale-mate with the regulars winning always. I would of used a tuner instead of a ported barrel, but saw no advantage with a tuner on other 10/22's.
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I will have about $1200.00 in parts for the gun, not to mention
$575.00 in the Leupold EFR scope. My friend is a gunsmith so labor will be a twelve pack of beer. If I get a wild hair I'm sending the scope to Premier reticles to have the power on the scope bumped up to 18-40X.
I will post pictures of it when finished. I hope to have it done before the end of May. I have to fit it in my schedule and my friends to slap it togehter. I would of bought a Kidd trigger ,but I have a friend with one and I see no difference between it and the Voltquartsen TG 2000 once the Volquartsen is filed a little
to get it down to a 1 to 2lbs pull. Kidd trigger is $300.00 and the Volquartsen is $185.00.
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