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my Romanian M69 is now tweaked.

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I recently bought a Romanian Trainer (or M69 I believe) and couldn't get it to feed very well at all, so I decided I might as well play with things a bit.

First thing I did was totally tear it apart...the pin holding the mag release was very hard to get, but eventually it came out. Took all the cosmoline out, and put rem oil in after I cleaned it up a ton (YUCK!)

noticed that the feed ramp was pretty low compared to the chamber, and rounds were scraping on the edge of the chamber quite badly. Using a small screwdriver I bent the feed ramp upwards a bit.

After doing this it seemed like the rounds would feed in ok, but they weren't always snapping into the bolt face correctly. I messed around with the mag position, as most of you know they don't fit very tight, until I found a position that worked every time. I used a pliers to clamp down the mag well side to side some, then used some JB weld on the back inside of the mag well to close the gap down to almost nothing with the back of the magazine. The magazine now sits tight and does not rock anywhere.

I then floated the barrel, it was pretty easy using the wooden dowel trick.

Took the gun out shooting this afternoon, and ran 75 rounds through it without a single problem.

Anyone else have any tricks to perform with these rifles to improve accuracy? I'm just using the iron sites now, but would like to attempt to mount a scope. Also, any sources for magazines?
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Try putting a barrel pad in the stock about an inch from the end to stabilize the barrel. A business card folded double thick is a good place to start. Try a few groups at 25yds and see if that helps. Then try three thick...Experiment till you get your best groups. Then you can find a more permanent pad material about the same thickness. Mine likes about a 1/16" pad ( Automotive gasket material) epoxied in place. I cut the piece 1/4" wide by 1/2" long and layed it lengthwise across the channel. Hope this helps JL aka HB
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