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My personal SG 2000

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Electroless Nickel plated
Black Pakkawood stocks
Whistlepig 24" 22 lr polished barrel

Shiney......my personal precious

Larger link pics to be posted on my site
in a few days.

Hope you like it.
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Man, what have you got against left-handed shooters! ;)

Those bullpups kick the brass right into lefty's face. You should design a stock that southpaw shooters can use too. Something that comes in Magnum flavor.
Funny you mention that. We are stting up to do a left handed
stock set up in the next month. All we have to do is mirror
our computer designed stocks and recode it for our CNC router.

I will also be working on a brass deflector, something tastefull
in it's looks and functional.

We have done a few custom .17 and mag versions, they are pretty cool.
I will post some pics of these in the next day or so.

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I dont like the look of the bull pup style.

But I do like this one.

The difference between the two guns, not much. Could bet that the the bullpup design looks like a toy to me.

I think they're awesome... Walther style and all... Especially this one...looks great!
Thank you for the compliments, glad you like
my work.
I can't remember when I've seen a bullpup design that I actually liked. Especially these aftermarket jobs for the 10/22. Look like cheap plastic toys. Engineering leaves a lot to be desired also.

That said, the first time I saw the Ironwood design I liked it. This one even improves on that. I am impressed with the obvious attention to detail and the thought and quality put into the engineering of the conversion.

One question, how does it shoot? Got any before and after accuracy test results?
I appreciate your input and glad you see the engineering
we put into it.

Regarding test targets. I have been trying to get ot the range
for weeks now, it has been freaking raining almost every weekend
here in sunny San Jose Califorinia. Seriously, the weather went haywire
for the last month or so, it's driving me nuts.

We use two very high quality barrels custom made for the SG 2000.
Both are capable of matching groups with any top brand name custom
barrel on the market. Our steel barrels have always been outstanding.
50 yd 3/8" with Eley match and calm conditions. The new Whistlepig barrels
shoot as well if not better. We have finished delivering the remainder
of the custom versions and have started shipping our std. units. Most were
equipped with the steel barrel. I will have my customers send in their results
when they get some more range time in.

Essentially our new SGs have about 7-8 upgrades from our original models built in
1996. The main components though have not been changed. So our results from
our past models shouldn't really change to the new models. Though our steel barrel
maker says that his new tubes our way better than the old ones. That was great news
to me since the old model barrels were fantastic. He's got a new lapping process that
is supposed to make them shoot super tight. And the whistlepig barrrels are doing
some unreal shooting based on soem of their customer testimonials and targets.

Anyway, sorry to go on for so long. I do appreciate your comments and compliments.
We do build these products for the public, so it's important for me to respond to
the feedback, whether positive or negative.

Thanks again
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Wow, that sure is a beutifull gun...as are the pics of the red stocked gun on your webpage! One day ill look into getting one of them. Bet they sure make the gun even more fun to shoot...
Thanks Remmy,
You are correct, they are a blast to shoot. Total stability, solid
platform, you can shoot it pretty fast with good accuracy, or slow
for excellent groups. Hope to hear from you one day, you will not be

Artifex said:
Man, what have you got against left-handed shooters! ;)

Those bullpups kick the brass right into lefty's face. You should design a stock that southpaw shooters can use too. Something that comes in Magnum flavor.
Gee what a shame Styer Augs are no longer legal over their. We can accomodate the lefties in our militay with a kit that is simple and has only three pats to convert them. Maybe they should design this particular bull pup with the same swap over mechanism.:D

Now it would be fun if you could convert that to
Slide bolt or atleast disable the ejection sequence to make it Aussie legal.

You keep talking about prototypes and designs...

I think I'd like to talk to you privately..

(I could have brought this up privately, but I think there are a few out there that more or less follow my ramblings, and I thought I'd give them a thrill :D)

1st 10/22 said:
I think they're awesome... Walther style and all..
Yeah, hmmmmmmmmm, I thought the Walther was chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum.:D
You are correct, 300 Win Mag, as well as 7.5 Swiss and .308 Win.
Original WA 2000 units run around $18,000.00 a copy, if you can find
1 of the 237 approx. units made.

Our forces at one time wanted to test em, but unfortunately, they(government bean counters) had listen to a stupid British report that stated"due to the lightness of the design and lack of ability to cool down during prolonged fire(since when do sniper's engage in prolonged fire fights) it was not a suitable rifle for snipeing in any capacity.
They also reckond that the action was inherently week for the .300 Winchester magnum.

These are the same people who wont acknowledge that their SA-80 is basicly crap and should'nt be in service.

At least our Austyer F89's handle does'nt snap off, nor do we have complaint's from soldiers about the sighting system.

I'm shocked how accurate the F89 is. The Ausrians would be jelous to know it now groups at 1 1/2" at 300 metres with 62 grainer standard ammo. Slightly heavier barrel and improved bolt.
I like your opinions. The Brits are a little nuts for keeping the
SA-80. I believe they are having HK rework the rifles, at a cost of
$600 per, to improve their reliability. At least that's what a reliable
source told me, now that's nuts. I own a Steyr AUG/USR,
and I absolutley love it. It is a such a natural pointing rifle, smooth shooting
and accurate as hell rifle. I was so taken by the AUG, years ago, when I
shot one for the first time. I literally started my business because of
that first AUG experience.

We are starting R&D on our revised 10/22 AUG this coming week. It's even more
fun to shoot 22 out of an AUG configuration.

Cheers Mate
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