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This last week has been a test of my patience. I've purchased tools and other items before that I didn't use for a while, but this has been a tough week. Last monday my Umarex Colt MP4 ops came in, so I was finally able to do my background and get my Walther P22 that had shown up over a week before that.
Got them both home, and I could not be happier.

The Umarex Colt is brand new, and I'm very glad I went with it over the S&W or Mossberg. Not that there's anything wrong with the S&W, but this one feels so much better in your hands. I've held my friends AR, and this one feels pretty much just like the real thing compared to the Smith feeling a little "lesser".

Love the finish on it, as well as the markings.

I have plans to do it all up in dark earth parts. Plus add the prerequisite Red dot scope, laser, flashlight, and front grip.
For right now though, I'm just dying to go out and shoot it.

My Walther P22 was a gunbroker find. I had been looking for a good deal for a month plus when this little gem popped up. It was the seller's wife's gun. He said she had shot it very little, and I would agree completely. Shows almost no wear whatsoever. Came with 4 magazines total, original case and tools, and even a modified hip holster that had been turned into a very bulky pocket holster.
I didn't need 4 mags, so I sold one to my brother. Which made the deal even better:D

I've shot my brother's many times, and really enjoyed it. I figure this will also be a good pocket carry gun for the summer time when I'm wearing lighter clothes.

So hopefully if the darn weather will cooperate, I will get to shoot them both tomorrow.:snipersmi

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So this morning I got home from sunday morning breakfast with my parents. I loaded up both of these, along with my Heritage rough rider, and headed for the gun club I'm a member of. it was a beautiful sunny morning with very little wind, could not be a better day to test fire some guns. I arrive at the gate and happen to look up at the calendar which is always posted at the entrance... Hunter safety training day RANGE CLOSED.:(

It's totally my fault, as I knew I should have checked the calendar before leaving the house. So I begrudgingly turned around and drove for the other side of the valley to our County Sports Park/Shooting Range. I don't generally go there,
1. $5 per person per day is a little steep.
2. They don't have a 25yd rifle range, so siting in a new scope or gun is a royal PIA
3. I've been out there before when some idiot pulls out their AR and a cooler that isn't full of soda pop. Which is when I promptly leave and call the sheriff to let them know.

But since it's a sunday, the local sheriff deputies tend to drive by every hour or so.

First went to the pistol range, and proceeded to put 6 mags through the Walther P22. 3 of Federal American Eagle High Velocity 40gr Lead, and 3 of Winchester Super X 1280 fps 36gr Copper Plated HP.
Surprisingly the P22 liked the Federal better than the Winchester. While firing the Federal I only had 1 FTF, 0 FTE, and 0 duds out of 30 rounds.
With the Winchester, I had 6 FTF 1 FTE, and 0 duds out of 30 rounds.
I did one mag of each, and then the other brand every time.
Even more surprising was that almost all of the FTF's were right in the middle of the bunch, not at the beginning or end.
I did field strip and clean it before taking it out, and it was very clean when I took it apart.
I did notice that when I had 3 FTF's in a row, I saw a small shaving of the copper plate between the ramp and the barrel. I flicked that out with my pocket knife, and didn't have any more FTF's until 14 rounds later.
Overall I'm very happy with the Walther, although I will probably polish the feed ramp up a bit, and I'm considering adding the Oring. No pics, as the pistol range just has metal plates for dinging.

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Then I went next door to the 50yd rifle/pistol range. Since no one was on it, I put a cardboard box with a pie plate taped on just over half way down. About 30yds. I was kind of in a hurry, so I didn't even position the targets with the lines correctly. Honestly I just wanted to get shooting it:D

I loaded up the 30rd mag with 25, plopped it into place, took aim, and pulled the trigger. Smooooooth as could be. Took all of 5 rounds to be ecstatic with my purchase even more. Fired off the entire mag without as much as a hiccup. Put in the fully loaded 20rd mag and emptied it with no problems. Popped the top, and looked around inside. Very clean, but I went ahead and cleaned it out before I put the next mag in. Fired another full 30rd, full 20rd, and then finished off what ammo I had brought with me(another 10 rounds). Never had a single FTF, FTE, or dud.

I only fired the Winchester through it. My brother has a full tactical 10/22, and he has much better luck with copper plated then just lead. Perhaps next time out I'll try the Federal in it, just to see.

I was mainly just wanting to fire it and see how it functioned, as compared to how accurate it was. Still, it impressed me A LOT.

It currently fires a little high and to the right, but I never messed with the factory settings on the iron sights.
I was also seated firing off hand, as I forgot my sand rest. I plan to get a bipod for it soon, but next time out, I'll take the sand rest.
The lower target was the first 2 clips. Then I added a folded up rag on top of the stock for the upper target.

Overall I'm in love with this gun. I'd highly recommend the Umarex Colt to anyone looking for a .22 tactical.
I can't wait to play with it more and more in the future.
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