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My new Ruger came in.

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Here are the pics of my new gun Ruger replaced, I even got an extra mag too. One week ago today UPS picked up the scratched gun and the new one got delivered to my ffl today. It is in perfect condition, love Ruger guns and their customer service. First time I ever had to use it.


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I've heard FedEx won't accept firearms from individuals any longer, not sure about UPS. I tried to ship some SK ammo not long ago through a FedEx run location... all the proper markings, etc... they acted like it was full of the black death or something.. refused it, told me I had to be a licensed dealer. UPS gave me no issue.
UPS is also going the same route they won't even accept an air rifle.
Seems to me that we are all going to apply for FFLs just to be able to enjoy the sport.
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