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My new Ruger came in.

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Here are the pics of my new gun Ruger replaced, I even got an extra mag too. One week ago today UPS picked up the scratched gun and the new one got delivered to my ffl today. It is in perfect condition, love Ruger guns and their customer service. First time I ever had to use it.


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boomer, 'sorry to hear of your troubles, but I have to ask...why did you go through an FFL to send your pistol back to Ruger? You as the owner of that handgun can send your firearm to Ruger - and Ruger will send it back to your doorstep, legally. This not only requires less running around for you, it saves you the transfer cost(s) at your FFL as well.

'Just something for you to ponder for the "next time" a similar situation occurs.
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