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My new 597 Mag

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Hey, here is a pic of my new Mag., she is topped with a Mueller 3-9X40 illuminated German#4, installed a new VQ hammer, sanded, primered, and added a new camo job to her and off to the range we went. At 50 yds she grouped 1/2" using Rem. 33gr V-Max's, but I am confident that I can get that to drop down with different ammo. She shoots and functions great. :t

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The camo job was very easily done and it is quite durable. I just sanded down the black stock that the rifle came with, then sprayed it with some Rustoloem plastic primer, next, I put down a base camo solid color to completely cover the stock, then I used some masking tape and layed it on the stock in different patterns and sprayed it with different camo colors that match the area that I mainly hunt. I did it all in two evenings, the Rustoloem paint dries to the touch in 20 minutes and dries competely in a few days. If you scratch it badly and some of the paint comes off just make anothe pattern the shoot it over the scratch. I have done this on another one of my rifles and really like it.
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