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I finally got around to putting a scope on my 525 semiauto that I've had for a couple of years now:) Never thought of this little sporter as a target gun till I sighted in the old Redfield variable 2x9X at 50 feet off a serious competition rest using the USBR targets for sighters.
I was VERY surprised at the results! :D =TACKDRIVER! Till the hi vel loads I had on hand shook the scope off it's mounts a couple of times...*#@*
I don't know what kind of chamber is in this little sporter, but I'm impressed enough to go out looking for a target scope of high magnification and a decent set of high Steel mounts:)
The trigger is excellent as is, I'm not particularly thrilled with the 'alloy' receiver, but I can live with it.;)

I'd like to get this little gun scoped enough to compete in the Benchrest shoots - if nothing else than to give the Ruger 'Enthuseasts' a little competition from a different quarter:D
This little sporter may be the runt of the litter, but it's behaving like like an ANSUTZ! :t :D

More to come...;)
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