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Just Read Your Post And Saw That You Only Had One Reply.i Do Not Have A Whole Lot Of Experince With Gleenfields But The One I Had And Sold Did Have A Barrel Band. As Far As I Could Tell From Feild Striping It For A Good Cleaning Job Was That The Barrel Band Holds The Stock Tight To The Bbl. You Could Try And Shoot It With Out It On There But If Is On There Its There For A Reason.good Or Not Marlin Manufactured That Way. As For Accucary Its A Shoot Every Ammo Company Avavilable With In Reason And See What It Likes Best. It Is A Carbine So Dont Expect A 10 Shot One Hole Group But Beign A Marlin It Should Have Some Inhernt Accucary To It. Hope That This A Little Help Like I Said I Dont Know Much About Them. The One I Had I Owned For Two Weeks And Sold To A Friend For A First Rifle. Me I Own A Marlin Mod60 And A 882ssv And A Win. 9422 I Really Didnt Need Another.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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