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Hello All,

After a MONTH of non-stop rain, we finally had a wonderfully beautiful day here in Southern Oregon. Sunny, Blue skies and about 75 degrees.

The other night I installed a 3x9-32 Tasco scope on my bone stock Marlin Model 81 TS .22 bolt gun in anticipation of a nice shooting day.

Well today was the day. After zeroing the scope as best I could, I fired THIS one and one eighth inch group at 50 yards.

This was the best group I got today, although my others were almost as good.

Get this, this rifle LOVES the normally crappy Remington Golden bullets! I am amazed at the kind of accuracy I got today using that bulk pack stuff!

I was also obliterating dirt clods at the 50 yard mark, and beyond. I can't do that with my 'Evil Empire Special' 10/22 that I have done some minor mods to, and scoped!
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