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my leather holsters (for GSG-1911)

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My wife totally lucked into a sweet job with a daily commute through the ****tiest parts of our city.... and finally decided to get her Carry License.
She tried LOTS of holster and didn't like any of the hard styles (kydex) and is a lefty so anything would be an 0rder-and-wait proposition.

I went to Tandy Leather and got the Will Ghormley's Classic 1911 Patterns 100th Anniversary Pack of patterns.

Since this was my first adventure and I only had one small piece of leather on hand, I picked the smallest simplest one, the Bikini-Weeping Heart pattern.

Cutting was a breeze with a fresh set of blades, but the observant will note I neglected to flip the pattern over to make it a lefty, woops!
So I'll need to go back to Tandy and get another hunk of leather...

Anchoring the flap edge w/ barge cement and pounding 1/16" holes was uneventful, though I found that using my bonded #70 upholstery thread left the holes really vacant, hopefully the proper (called of in the instructions) pre-waxed linen thread will fill them up.
Add that to the Tandy shopping list for tomorrow.

Other than that, it's looking pretty sweet, Ready to start tooling.

My youngest daughter declared that since this was a right hand holster it will be hers, for her GSG-1911.

She's only going to be 12 years old in March, so she can't legally carry, but if/when SHTF that will be the least of our concerns.

Guess I need to get some "girly" color leather dye at Tandy while I'm there...