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My Henry Pump

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For all the usual reasons, I virtually never buy new firearms, but made an exception this once and bought new a Henry pump. Actually, it was sitting for awhile at an LGS; it doesn't have the new parts Henry started using a couple of months ago. I have perhaps a hundred rounds through it, and so far I like it a lot. I have several other pump .22's and I'll try to give a brief summary of my impressions of a comparison when I get a bit more mileage on it, but there is one thing I want to alert others to right off, namely, check the forestock screws for tightness. A member here recently posted about (IIRC) the screw at the bottom front falling out, so I checked mine first thing, and, sure enough, that screw was loose. As has been frequently commented upon by others, this place is a real treasure trove of useful info.
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Right on Dave. I had to put the screws on with Loctite. I noticed a touch of blue loctite when I took them off the first time, but they were loose from the factory.
From what we know already, the new parts are the same as the old..made differently, but the same.
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