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My gun

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Here it is.
So far
16.5" GM blue fluted barrel
volquartsen guts, bolt buffer, extractor, and ext mag release
weaver base
burris sig zee rings
tasco 5-20X50AO world class scope
Turner Barracuda in coffee

What's left...
CPC job on the bolt
bedding (I've already got the kit but haven't done it yet)

Can yall think of anything else?
I'd like a kid trigger but that will have to wait. I'm getting married in less than two weeks.
Thanks for the help.
I've been trying to post a picture for the last hour but I can't get it to work right. That will come later I guess.
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My Gun

I forgot to mention that this was my squirrel rifle. Also my first 10/22. There WILL be many to come. I'm addicted.
sounds like you have yourself a good plan, it'll be a good shooter. Post pics when you are done, I'd like to see it. :)

you could tell the wife to be that you have to postpone the wedding, a Kidd came up :D
What Else ?

No mention of what you are doing for creep. Either need the JB Weld trick or a set screw. I prefer the set screw. Over travel should be handled if you have the Volquartsen trigger.
Sounds like you have the Ruger bug, the only thing that will cure it is a lot of money and about a total of four 10/22's in your safe.
1. Benchrest Gun (this is the expensive one)
2. Hunting gun (build it light as possible)
3. Stock looking gun, that is highly modified and will blister your friends stock guns at the shooting range. ( I like an edge).
4. A lightly modified 10/22 so if your shooting friends catch on to your number 3 gun.
Can anyone think of a number 5 gun?
I like Stratcats idea! or maybe you could um request a Kidd as part of the wedding gifts?? theres only so much kitchen wares that you'll need. :D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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