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My Free Gill Gun

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One of my oldest friends is a fellow classmate who runs a barbershop. I've worked on several of his guns over the years. So, whenever I'm in his chair the conversation usually gets around to our guns. We were discussing the ones each of us still wanted to acquire a week ago. When I mentioned that I've never had a gill gun, but was interested in getting one, another customer said he bought a used one that he never could get to work properly. He said it wouldn't feed ammo, was rusty, a little moldy, and missing some parts. I explained that those are the only sort of guns that I could ever afford to collect. He just laughed and said I could have it for free if I was willing to haul it off. Needless to say, I took him up on the offer.

As it turned out, the gun still had a very good bore. It was only missing a rear sight elevator, a butt plate, some screws, and the factory scope/peep sight hole plugs. I already had most of those things in my spare parts drawers. One of the former owners had managed to break off the gill in the extractor port. If you didn't know it was supposed to have one there you'd never notice it. The problems they had with jams and feeding ammo were attributable to the fact that someone had reassembled one of the lifter side plate spacers with the wrong side facing out. The cartridge guide spring had been dislodged from its slot on one side and was gripping the outside of the feed tube instead of doing its job. Here are some before photos:

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