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My Frankenruger

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Its been pretty quiet here lately so here is a picture of what is hopefully one of three pistols to shoot in our RFC two handed pistol match. The Sightron 33R sight weighs 9oz and the Volquartsen Comp is a little over 4oz vs 2 for the Aluminum model so it now weighs 45 ounces. About like my Ruger Mark II Comp Target naked. So if I want to try to go lite, I could mount my Venom or Burris Fastfire IV's and be at 34 ounces. The rear sight windage screw keeps moving out as I shoot it and after taking it apart, I did not see anything needing help. Pretty simple with a spring, sight leaf and screw. Might try plumbers tape around the small screw or even blue loctite once I get it where it needs to go. Off sand bags it has produced some nice .300 5 shot groups at 25 yards with CCI SV. The Mark II lower has the VQ trigger/sear that produces a perfect 30 ounce trigger.


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Very nice pistol. I had those same grips on my Black Mamba. Started shooting Steel Challenge with it so I put thinner grips on it.
Yes, very nice pistol! And, 45 oz sounds great to me.:bthumb:


Yes the weight is likeable for what I am doing with it. I am also shooting a SS Scorpion around 58 ounces without the 4 ounce Comp on the end and its a little heavy. Maybe in my younger years it would have felt just as good. Might need to start pumping iron!

I have never been to a steel match where you could take it down to 32 ounces with open sights. It would probably work. I had a 4 1/2" Ruger lite barrel a few weeks ago that weighed 8 1/2 ounces and this 6" Tac Sol is only 9 ounces naked.

The way I have these three outfitted, they all balance very near the same point near the trigger pin.


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