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It wasn't a wife...

Back when I was a my son's Cub Scout den leader I decided to educate the boys on safe handling. One of the other boy's dad was a hunter and liked the idea as well...with his help and the help of my shooting buddy who was an NRA instructor we put togther a show and tell of the various types of long guns and handguns....next we informed the parents what we were planning on doing. We told them that if they had objections that their son would not be required to attend that meeting. One father was adamantly anti-gun but I told him he was welcome to attend also.

Needless to say it was a big hit with the boys, they got a chance to handle the guns...you should have seen the envy when my son brought HIS .22 that he had received a few months earlier....we had a 100% attendance plus a number of parents...it must have worked as the anti-gunner bought his son his first BB gun a few weeks later :D Of all the things I accomplished in the Scouts that was one of the high points...to pull off a successful session like this in rabid anti-gun Massachussettes
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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