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My first Hammer job...

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Just got back in from testing. Had to start another 10/22 because those unfluted stainless 18" GM barrels seemed like too good a bargin to pass up.

Ordered the Volquartsen hammer from one of our sponsors. Luckily I have been hanging on this site long enough to not bother ordering a sear or any other stuff. I've had all my bolts out and installed lots of Weaponkraft buffers, but hadn't ever gone into the trigger subassembly before. (I cheated and bought a Kidd for my "bench" 10/22.)

I printed out ChiefDave's color codeed diagram and went at it. Had to go back to the website and look at that spring that goes around the pin, but the operation was a success. Passed all the pulling with safety on and then releasing and bang tests, so I just ran a magazine through even though it's totally dark here. Didn't realize Blazers had "muzzle flash" (cute little orange flame)

Well, it's no Kidd or Brookie sprung CZ, but it now a reasonable trigger. Seems to have less creep than before, notably lighter and breaks much cleaner. All in all a good improvement for 10% of what a Kidd costs. This is my "offhand gun" with the Pepper Blaster, 18" SS GM, and a red-dot sight.

I love it when all the pieces fit back together and things are improved. :D
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