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My BRNO Model 4

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Century didn't have any of the VG/G rifles when I called so I picked one up from a local dealer who had bought a dozen of them. Basically that means I paid $20 to handpick my own from that dozen. I selected this one based on the condition of the bore, rifling and muzzle.

I ran a patch down the bore, then took it to the range. Using Remington Standard Velocity military issue ammo, I fired 25 rounds to get used to the very light trigger and the u-notch rear, globe front setup.

I then ran a 25 ft pistol target out to 25 yards and fired 25 rounds in the sitting position.

Not too bad for 45 year old eyes and my brand new bifocals. I haven't seriously tried to shoot a smallbore rifle with iron sights since I competed in the 80's.

So I'm happy with my $220 investment I'll probably give the rifle a good de-cosmolining and perhaps refinish the stock, but I can't complain about the way it shoots. Some quality ammo is the next steop, and perhaps a few grups from a benchrest.
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Congratulations. When I got mine a few years ago, it had the same sight set up as yours. I soon disposed of those in favor of a scope.

FWIW, mine would print 4" groups at 20 yards with blazer (CCI in black and grey paper boxes), but would shoot under 1" at 125 tards with remington thunderbolt and subsonic, although the drop was considerable with subsonic at that distance.

My point in this convoluted mess is to try the cheap stuff first.
Looks like some are getting the receiver mounted rear peep sight :) and some are getting the barrel mounted rear open sight. :( Mine came with both but I paid more last year when I imported from Canada.
Any idea where I can get the rear peep sight? I'd ike to stick with iron sights on the rifle.
Asmo... try to get the genuine CZ receiver sight first. It has an anchor that fits in the dimple on the receiver. Ask around for those who prefer scope and would like to sell the sight.
Thanks for the suggestion, Nick. I posted in the WTB forum.
I stumbled on this thread by accident and I think this is the first pic of a BRNO mod 4 I have seen here so I figured it was worth a bump :)

It sure was, Chris. Thanks!
Thanks. Just saved that picture in my file.
Lately, I've had some passion for a BRNO in 22 Hornet. They are so very well made..
Asmodeus, if you are still around . . .

Maybe Brnomann might be able to help you out. I bought one from him - the same barrel mounted sight design came with my Brno 4, different model.
Can anyone say how much these weigh and how adjustable is the trigger?

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