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My Austrian Mystery Gun...

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Anyone out there ever come across a "TYROL" .22 rifle in their travels:confused:
This little guy is the mystery of my collection, never been able to find out anything about it.
Caliber = .22Short? (".22CURT" is the actual stamping on the barrel)
Weight = 4lbs
Barrel = 21" lightweight
Receiver = Split bridge
Stock = Half length, probably beechwood
Sights = post&bead front and a barrel mounted open partridge type sight adjustable foe elevation.
Bolt = enclosed head, cocks on closing. 4 piece bolt (?!?!) with a seperate rail mounted halfmoon extracter below the bolt and a seperate safety mounted at the back of the receiver behind the bolt.

The stampings are : "Made in Austria" on top of the barrel ahead of the sight and the caliber marking on the left of the barrel just forward of the receiver with a 5# serial number.
The receiver has a stylized crowned eagle with a circular shield with the letters TMH and the Motto TYROL below the logo.

Anyone have a clue as to what this thing is:confused: It's a neat little gallery gun, but I'd like to know more about it.;)
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TYROLean "Stocks"

Famous in Europe are "Tyrolean" type stocks these tend to be heavily raked stocks, perhaps like drooped down montecarlo cheek piece stocks (for you guys perhaps drooped like a "Kentucky" rifle stock but also with a padded out cheek piece).

Aimed at open sight use inthe woods on animals like wild boar.

No doubt there will be several small Austrian firearms manufacturers. the most famous in recent times being Glock.

See if you can find any reference to BSF? Bavarian Sportwaffen Fabrik?


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