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My Austrian Mystery Gun...

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Anyone out there ever come across a "TYROL" .22 rifle in their travels:confused:
This little guy is the mystery of my collection, never been able to find out anything about it.
Caliber = .22Short? (".22CURT" is the actual stamping on the barrel)
Weight = 4lbs
Barrel = 21" lightweight
Receiver = Split bridge
Stock = Half length, probably beechwood
Sights = post&bead front and a barrel mounted open partridge type sight adjustable foe elevation.
Bolt = enclosed head, cocks on closing. 4 piece bolt (?!?!) with a seperate rail mounted halfmoon extracter below the bolt and a seperate safety mounted at the back of the receiver behind the bolt.

The stampings are : "Made in Austria" on top of the barrel ahead of the sight and the caliber marking on the left of the barrel just forward of the receiver with a 5# serial number.
The receiver has a stylized crowned eagle with a circular shield with the letters TMH and the Motto TYROL below the logo.

Anyone have a clue as to what this thing is:confused: It's a neat little gallery gun, but I'd like to know more about it.;)
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Caliber = .22Short? (".22CURT" is the actual stamping on the barrel)
Yes, .22 Short - "KURZ" is German ( and presumably Austrian) for "short".

AFAIK, Tyrol was an earlier name of Voere (of Austria).

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